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We’re Banggai Consulting – and we’re here to help our clients in the design, construction and operation of large-scale aquariums. What do we do? We simplify the complex, save time, streamline budgets and provide sound technical advice. Our approach links science and engineering principles with modern design and construction methods, combined with the latest innovations – with a focus on simplicity, quality and value.

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We Bridge the Gap

Banggai Consulting bridges the gap between builders and architects, contractors and specialist suppliers. With work undertaken quickly and precisely, we facilitate constructive communication, manage potential scope gaps and provide insights into the unique technical aspects of every aquarium project. Whether it’s dealing with the visitor experience, financial objectives or marine animal welfare, our focus is always on delivering high-quality, cost-effective and on-time projects.

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Extensive International Experience

With extensive international experience, our worldwide clients include a wide variety of developers, architects, designers, consultants, existing aquariums and theme parks, suppliers and contractors. Our team at Banggai Consulting looks forward to working with you on the successful delivery of your latest aquarium project.


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Our areas of specialty

  • Project Management & Coordination
  • Inspections, Auditing & Reviews
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Aquarium Design & Construction
  • Life Support Systems
  • Aquarium Specialist Works
  • Aquarium Operations Management

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